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Before India’s youth completely fell into the idea of Avengers and DC Comics superheroes, there was an era when Indian kids believed that they’d never fall into trouble because ‘Shaktimaan’ watched them. Shaktimaan was India’s only true superhero television series. Every child had the superhero’s poster in the bedroom and its franchise sold like hot buns in the market back in the days. Every time anyone mentions the superhero the first thing that we irreverently begin to do (even today) is to recite its ever popular theme song. Decades after the show ended, breaking a million hearts, the song is still freshly stamped in our memories.

The rock version of the ever-so-popular theme song was our humble attempt to remind everyone of the happier, innocent times before social media and mobile phones took our lives completely. And how would a cover of this kind be complete without having special effects? We felt like young boys thrown back in the 90s where magic and Shaktimaan felt tangible. The unconventional and unorthodox video of the cover pulled the right strings to everyone’s hearts. The attention the cover received on social media humbled us and filled us with a potent energy to keep entertaining our fans with fantastic rock music.

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