Dhaivat JaniDrums, Vocals

Little hands that played ‘the Tabla’ in school picked up drumsticks and since then the tempo has not lowered down. His quiet and serious personality doesn’t relate to him on stage when he is in a full swing. Pure Jazz and blues are his passion nurtured under the guidance of famous jazz percussionist Mr. Jino Banks, and grace of Indian classical undoubtedly comes up from his roots. Well versed with fusion music, he stuns the crowd by playing drums, table and other percussions concurrently. All and all this drum boys presence on stage is felt quite vibrant. His creative combinations of rhythms are the spine of every soulful composition of Meghdhanush. Being a qualified sound engineer he also makes the Megha Dhanush sound at its best. Drum rolls, please..!

Dhaivat, the drummer/percussionist of Meghdhanush is also associated with a young band called Jazz and blues, he plays for national-international artists in India and also practices as a sound engineer in Mumbai-Ahmedabad.

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