Karan Patel Vocals, Guitars

This ingenious lead guitarist does not need an introduction. His magical fingers have always set the stage on fire. Entering with the perfect lead and ending with a smooth slide, one cannot take his eyes off him when he is engrossed in playing his guitar. Yet again, this talented guitarist has got his hands over both Indian and western classical. His fusion riffs and innovative guitar tones give a distinct stroke to their music. Spontaneous and playful on stage yet he is highly alert at managing the odd clash, cash, twist and turns of the band. Being one of the founder members of Meghdhanush, he is a strong back up for the band. This incredible guitarist of Meghdhanush has the huge fan following. (Not to miss his silky smooth hair that grabs all the attention of girls while he is on stage)

Karan Patel, the lead guitarist of Meghdhanush, also plays as a freelance artist. He has been teaching guitar professionally for many years.

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