About us


Meghdhanush, just like the meaning of our name, is based on a multi-faceted connotation of music and culture. Our music is a combination of Rock and Indian Folk which is influenced, in the process of its creation, by the versatility and unique understanding of music of the five band members. With more than a decade of creating and performing our music on over 1000+ stages, we have realized that our strength is in our aim and success in creating music that sounds local but feels global. 

From Indian Rock to Gujarati Folk, from composing to performing, from making music for movies to singing in different languages, our work has never been homochromatic for we love modern music as much as we appreciate our traditional folk rang. 

In our upcoming album, we have worked to create Indian Rock music that encapsulates the basic yet complex emotions we feel.

Listen to ARTISTS

Karan Patel

Vocals and Guitars

Jainam Modi

Vocals and Bass

Ujjwal Rishi

Rhythm Guitars