New Release

Folk Rang

The Folk Rang Series is an experimental fusion music series of folk and rock.

Jan, 2017


Songs spanning across genres and languages. The album has four Hindi, one Gujarati, one English and one Sanskrit tracks.


Oct 24, 2015


Baawari is an Original Composition of Ahmedabad (India) based Experimental Rock/Pop band, Meghdhanush.

Aug 6, 2017


The Original Single ‘Yaari’ by Meghdhanush.


Feb 14, 2018

Lollipop Recreated

The sanest people present their craziest versions.

Mar 18, 2014


Shaktiman (Cover) is a humble attempt by Meghdhanush to relive the era of India’s first superhero.

Films As Music Directors

Chhello Divas

Meghdhanush’s debut film as Music Director. The film was a blockbuster hit and so was the music. The song ‘ Kehvu Ghanu ’ was on top charts for 3 Years.


The film won the National Films Award for the Best Gujarati Film 2018. Meghdhanush featured Altaf Raja and Divya Kumar for two songs from the album.


The film is based on a Girl child achieving her dreams and making a name for her family. Meghdhanush featured Kirtidan Gadhvi for one song from the album.


Meghdhanush featured Jonita Gandhi for one song from the album.

24 Carat Pital

A Gujarati Comedy Film for which
Meghdhanush Composed three songs

The Reunions

Meghdhanush featured Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt for one song from the album.